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Spiritual: Valerie Leeds

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Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreats

Valerie Leeds is a dynamic wellness entrepreneur teaching people to access their best selves in mind, body and spirit. Valerie is Registered Yoga Teacher 500hr, a Certified Bodywork & Energy Therapist, and a Certified Health Coach. She is the Co-owner and Facilitator of Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreats with her husband, Ira, in Boca Raton, Florida.

With more than 25 years in field of health and wellness, she has cultivated a set of tools based on the premise that human potential is only limited by our belief systems. She brings a fresh look at how your mind can be adapted on a moment to moment basis to live life in greater mastery. She teaches the students and retreat guests how to discern and discriminate how to manage your mindset, find your flow state to find greater ease, joy and grace in all areas of life.

When she is not handling communications and booking of guests, facilitating yoga and meditation classes, she's teaching Language of Energy & Energy of Language classes, and giving healing massage and coaching for her retreat guests.

RYT500 * Certified Health Coach * Certified Bodywork & Energy Therapist 954-461-4367
Zen Den Yoga School & Wellness Retreats

Fitness: Raphael Verela


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Raphael Verela, a six-year United States Marine Corps veteran, created Optimum Boot Camp. He has also trained pre-Boot Camp recruits with emphasis on muscle strength development and cardiovascular endurance. His experience and education in the health and fitness industry got him recognized as one of the best trainers in Southern California.

Raphael attended Oregon State University as an Exercise Physiology major and is certified by the American Council in the following disciplines:


Progressive Fitness accredited training programs

Future Fit

Sports Telesis

Nutrition Technician

Muscle Lab 1 resistance training.

This Circuit Works trainer and founder has actively competed in martial arts, baseball, football, and track and field. Raphael offers the practical knowledge of an athlete and an outdoors person, coupled with scientific and clinical research, all of which are combined to designing an effective personal group training program; one that can benefit everyone, regardless of age, level of fitness, weight or personal busy schedule.

Emotional: Hanala Sagal

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Award-winning writer, comedian, artist, singer and actress, Hanala Sagal is one of the first YouTube Influencers with half a billion views. The fitness icon starred on "Shape Up L.A!" as Suzan Stadner (1985-2000.) Her brand is Comedy Wellness: Content for a Better Tomorrow and Funnier Today.

Hanala co-wrote & executive produced "Elvis & Nixon" Amazon's 1st Original Movie and the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival Centerpiece.

"Traumaland" (based on her best-selling book) is slated for production in 2020.

Romance: Laurel House

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Laurel House is a published author, International Celebrity Dating, Relationship, Empowerment, and Performance Coach, expert for, and host of “The Man Whisperer” podcast. She is direct, focused, passionate, strong, and feminine.

Her no-games style screws the rules and focuses on authenticity and truth. Because dating isn’t a game. It’s a strategy.

One that requires Communication, which allows for Clarity, creates Confident Vulnerability, and therefore brings on Attraction.

Laurel has given her guidance to over 500 TV, Magazine, Newspaper, and Online media outlets including being a dating coach on E!’s “Famously Single,” as well as on Access Hollywood, ABC’s Nightline, Good Morning America, The Today Show, KTLA Morning News, as well as in b Vogue, Washington Post, NY Post, Glamour, Vice, AskMen, Huffington Post, Readers Digest, Shape, etc…

Mental: Nicole Sciacca

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Nicole Sciacca is a yoga teacher, FRCms (functional range conditioning mobility specialist), KINSTRETCH instructor, FRAs (functional range assessment specialist), professional dancer and host. She is the former studio owner/operator of Hustle & Flow Fitness in

Venice, and is currently the Chief Yoga Officer at Playlist Yoga in West Hollywood where she curates high energy music based flow classes while speaking to conscious, functional movement and yoga philosophy. She has 25+ years of formal dance training in multiple genres, over a decade of yoga asana practice and continued education.

Nicole has been studying Functional Range Systems for almost 3 years and is now teaching highly specialized mobility training also known as KINSTRETCH.

Nicole has been seen on The Doctors TV, Propel Co:Labs, and featured in publications such as Yoga Journal online, E News, Women’s Health, Well and Good, LA Yoga magazine, and the Chalkboard Mag. She spoke on the Female Founders panel at The Good Fest and conducted “Functional Mobility and Yoga” classes at Dr Mark Hyman’s Feel Good Summit. She has danced alongside Britney Spears in Austin Powers Goldmember, The Haunted Mansion with Eddy Murphy, on GLEE, How I Met your Mother, Fuller House on Netflix and more.

She can be found teaching on the #1 audio fitness app, AAPTIV.

Nicole holds a BA in Theatre from Loyola Marymount University and resides in Culver City, California with her mini Harry Potter enthusiast. Her greatest joy is being the proud mama of her 6 year old son who consistently

fuels her passion for a childlike spirit, approachable wellness, and a sense of personal sanity.

Social: Evrim Ozgen

From Control to Flow:
How to let go of Control and Have a Connected, Joyful, Peaceful Family

Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen is a transformational coach and energy healer whose vision in life is to create connected, joyful and peaceful families.

Evrim helps her clients release their limiting beliefs and blocking energies. She teaches them how to train their minds and bodies to embody empowering thoughts and patterns. By this, she knows the next generations on this earth are being released from old limitations.

Evrim is a Certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor. She is also a Transformational Leadership Coach helping people to be the leaders in all aspects of their lives. She works with clients from all around the world from different backgrounds, cultures, and professions.

Evrim holds an Industrial Engineering degree and an MBA from London Business School, with a wealth of experience in leading and managing teams in different countries for 20 years.

Evrim's biggest passion in life is her family - her husband with whom she has been together for 21 years and their 2 beautiful boys.

Financial: Tara Oldridge

Vision to Business
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Tara Oldridge believes that every woman has a powerful, profitable and impactful business inside of them that God has called them to create.

She is the creator of Vision to Business, a 2-day workshop for women who have a deep sense they were made for more that helps them find a clear strategy and create a committed action plan so they can finally build an impactful business they love.

Host of Entrepreneur Magazine's TOP 20 Podcast "The Smart Woman Show," her reviews describe her as a vibrant, energetic business mentor that has enriched the personal and financial lives of women internationally through her group masterminds, workshops and in-depth, personalized coaching.

In Tara's words, showing women how to create and grow a profitable business is what she does. But inspiring them to access their power and confidence so they can impact the who she is.